Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This picture was a tricky one. It is a pond reflecting a couple trees and part of a fence. When I took it out of the wash, I started to wonder would it look better upside down? I think this way looks better though.

I took this picture thinking it wouldn't count as a landscape picture because whenever I think of the word landscape I think that it needs to be like a wallpaper on a computer screen or a scenic shot of hills. But I think that this one turned out the best out of all mine.

This is an interesting photo. I attempted to try and make the water from the spring all glassed over. Unfortunately it didn't turn out like I hoped but it still looks good to me.

The swatch of my 8 by 10.

I like this photo. It was my 8 by 10 and even though I'm entirely sure what that is it reminds me of a bench or something like that. It looks like a lonely bench that is deserted and has nobody to sit on it.

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